President Trump is still hatefully criticizing democratic representative Elijah Cummings, and doesn’t suffer any consequences for it. During his last address to reporters in front of the White House, on August 10, President Trump stated that residents of Baltimore are living in hell.

Trump also said that Baltimore residents are forced to live in horrible conditions as a result of Cumming’s disastrous actions. Also, he claimed that thousands of people were delighted that the president has finally shed light on the streets of Baltimore. According to him, his administration was flooded with notes of gratitude claiming that Afro-Americans were happy there was someone like him to start openly talking about the corruption in the Baltimore city.

The reporters asked Trump about his plans related to Cummings, and his answer was that he doesn’t have any plans, since he is only interested in revealing the facts.

In previous weeks Trump was criticizing Cummings on many occasions accusing him of causing a rodent infestation that overwhelmed the city of Baltimore. Opinions are stating that the attacks against Cummings are the result of subpoenas issued to the members of Trump’s family by the Reform Committee. According to Trump, it would be more reasonable for the institutions to scrutinize Baltimore. President’s declarations were neither excused nor condemned by other GOP members.

Many are those who accuse President Trump of inducing racial tensions, given the fact that Cummings is a politician of color. He rejected those accusations declaring that he was “the least racist person’’ and that criticizing Cumming was beneficial for the Republican Party. According to him, by calling attention to the current corruption, he wanted to help Cummings to control and manage his city better. Trump added that the city of Baltimore is not the only Democrat-run city that is facing corruption issues.

Trump’s Relationship With the Black Community

There are many residents of Baltimore that were not convinced by the president’s statements. For example, Sherrod Williams, a local barber who talked to the media, said that the words coming from the White House are like bites.

Unemployment rate is an unavoidable subject for Trump when he is among Afro-Americans. That should be an indicator that his administration is striving to aid people of color. Although these rates are lower than ever, some critics point out the fact that the revenue gap between white and black Americans is much more accentuated.

Quinnipiac University conducted a poll which showed that approximately 80% of Afro-Americans are confident that President Trump is racist. When invited to give a statement about it, Trump answered in his typical manner that ‘’the poll was fake news’’.