Washington, D.C. — President Donald Trump is still berating Elijah Cummings, Democratic Representative, and is not pulling any punches. On Tuesday, the president addressed the reporters on the South Lawn of the White House, claiming that Baltimore residents are “living in hell.”

Trump claimed that people in Baltimore had to live in terrible conditions thanks to Cummings’ actions. He said that there were thousands of people who were happy that the president was finally shining the light on Baltimore. Those people, according to the president, sent thank-you notes to his administration, claiming that African-Americans were pleased that someone was talking about the corruption in the city. When asked about his strategy regarding Cummings, Trump said that he had no strategy; he was just interested in highlighting facts.

In recent weeks, Trump was publicly critical of Cummings, claiming that it was the Representative’s fault Baltimore faced rodent infestation. Some believe these attacks on Cummings come as a result of the Rep.’s House Oversight and Reform Committee issuing subpoenas to Trump’s family members. Trump said that it would be wiser for the institution to investigate Baltimore. Other GOP members have neither condoned nor condemned the president’s statements.

Since Cummings is a politician of color, many critics accused the president of causing further racial tensions, which he denied, claiming that he was the “least racist person” on the planet. Trump went on to say that his criticizing of Cummings didn’t hurt the Rep.; instead, it was beneficial. He said that, by pointing out the ongoing corruption, Trump was helping Cummings to run his city better. He added that Baltimore was not the only corrupt Democrat-run city.

Trump’s Relationship With Black Community

Some residents of Baltimore who spoke to the media said that they weren’t positive about the president’s comments. For instance, a local barber, Sherrod Williams, told a journalist that the words coming from the White House stung. However, Williams added that they wouldn’t affect the people who lived there, claiming they were strong enough to pull through.

President Trump often talks about unemployment rates within the African-American community as a clear sign of his administration’s efforts towards aiding black people. In fact, the rates have never been lower. Nonetheless, some critics highlight the fact that the wealth gap between white and black Americans is now wider, with 73% of African-Americans claiming race relations weren’t up to an acceptable standard.

A poll carried out by Quinnipiac University shows that around 80% of African-Americans believe Trump is racist. When asked about it, Trump responded in his fashion, calling the poll “fake news.”