On Saturday night, a mass shooting took place in which one person lost their life while several others received gunshot wounds and were severely hurt. Witnesses posted videos on social media, which showed moments before police officers reacted at the scene at about half past ten in the evening. The shooting happened in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Responding to the media, NYPD representatives said that a 38-year-old man was sent to Brookdale Hospital, where he was overcome by injuries.

Jeffrey Maddrey, NYPD Assistant Chief, claimed that the shooter hurt five women and seven men, counting the fatally-wounded victim. The youngest of them was a 21-year-old, while the oldest was 55. Maddrey said that another victim’s life is in danger, with the medical staff trying to keep him alive.

According to sources, the shooting started in Brownsville Playground. It took place during a local event named “Brownsville Oldtimers Week,” which had a lot of visitors and was near the park.

Michael Thomas, a community activist, said that, due to heavy police presence, everyone present at the event felt safe and mistook the shooting for fireworks. According to Thomas, nobody thought it might be gunfire, especially considering the nature of the event. When the crowd began screaming and running, it dawned on people it was something more dangerous than regular firecrackers, and everyone started looking for cover.

Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed citizens in a tweet he posted after midnight. In it, De Blasio said that the authorities would do everything they could to keep the people safe and find the perpetrator.

Killer at Large

The shooting was just another violent occurrence of violence in recent weeks in New York. Recently, the city has also seen an alarming spike in shootings originated from stray bullets. Since June, there have been 14 more people killed or injured in NY city streets who join 12 victims from Saturday night. The police have not shared personal details of the 38-year-old man who died. According to media reports, they’re still on the lookout for suspects.

The NYPD asks anyone who knows something about the incident to come forward and contact the NYPD-run Crime Stoppers Hotline or visit their website, where they can leave an anonymous tip.