Yankees’ David Hale

Wednesday proved to be a stressful day for the New York Yankees fans. Alongside Luke Voit, the Yanks also lost David Hale to injury. An essential member of the team’s bullpen whenever there was a multi-inning game, Hale joined the injured thanks to a “lumbar spine strain.”

Aaron Boone, the team’s manager, commented on Hale’s injury, saying that they were hopeful it would be a short-term issue rather than a lasting one. Boone called it “just a strain,” with the team planning to backdate his going on the injury list three days prior. The manager added that the medical staff hoped Hale would feel better on Wednesday and could make himself available for the weekend. However, Boone continued, it panned out differently, with the pitcher being in only a slightly better condition. The team is still hopeful this won’t last, and they will observe the situation in the following days.

In his last appearance for the Pinstripes, Hale played 2.2 innings, during which the opposition had three earned runs. The game saw the Red Sox take a 10–5 win. This season, Hale made 19 appearances with the Yankees and achieved an ERA of 2.89 in 31.1 innings. His successor until he leaves the IL will be Jonathan Holder, who the Yankees recalled from Triple-A.

Before leaving for Triple-A, Holder produced a scoreless inning in Minnesota on Monday night. Holder spent a month in the team before receiving a demotion on June 24. Holder’s made 32 appearances for the Yankees this season, with his ERA being 6.63.

LeMahieu’s Situation

DJ LeMahieu had another day off, with the Yankees’ staff not deviating from their plan to rest the second baseman on Wednesday. LeMahieu said he felt better, but he still didn’t partake in the match. Asked about LeMahieu, Boone admitted he entertained the possibility of fielding the player, but ultimately decided it was for the better that LeMahieu sat it out. The manager didn’t wish to risk any further aggravations.

Boone added he intended to put him as a hitter had they been in a big spot. According to the manager, LeMahieu is a crucial name on the teamsheet, and they must manage his situation smartly. They are wary of rushing him in and risk extended time on the IL. On Thursday night, LeMahieu played against Boston when he felt an injury creeping up, but he was able to stay on until the end.

This season, his numbers are impressive. Out of the Yankees’ 103 matches, he took part in 95 of them. He scored 15 home runs, hitting .332/.517/.898 with 71 runs batted in. That’s the best batting average in the American League, and he’s currently third in that respect in the majors. With runners in scoring position, LeMahieu hits .425, which makes him the leader in the major league. When he hits during the bases loaded, LeMahieu had 21 RBI this season, with a hitting average of .725 this season.

Sabathia and Trade

CC Sabathia, Yankees’ pitcher, who joined others on the IL on Saturday, received an injection on Tuesday. Sabathia is suffering from right knee inflammation, with his knee being arthritic. He is another player the Yankees hope won’t stay on the IL for long.

Talking about Sabathia, Boone said that they hoped the injection would speed up the pitcher’s recovery process and, as with Hale, they needed to wait out the next couple of days to check out how his condition progressed. The medical staff believes that the injury will last a couple of weeks.

Wednesday’s deadline saw the Yankees bring in Alfredo Garcia from the Colorado Rockies. Brian Cashman, the Yankees’ general manager, said that the 20-year-old left-handed pitcher was an addition which would provide team depth. In what was a league swap, righty Joseph Harvey went the other way. Garcia started 22 games in A-ball, producing an ERA of 6.00. His current record is 3–10.