Naomi Campbell is one of the most recognizable models in the world. Yet, she admitted recently that while visiting France, she wasn’t allowed to attend a movie event because of her skin color.

In a recent interview, she described this alleged incident, when this brown-skinned beauty tried to go to an event that she was invited to, only to be told that the venue is at capacity by the staff. This happened in Southern France during the famous Cannes Film Festival.

She also admitted that she saw people walk by and into this event at the same time. Campbell said that these shocking moments would serve as the main reason for her fight to express herself and a way to make herself heard.

During the same interview, this British diva said that she didn’t see herself as an activist but rather as a person willing to engage. In addition, Campbell said that she would love to say that things had changed regarding diversity and that she was still optimistic.

Finally, she admitted that the very word “diversity” hadn’t existed when she started her career and that the only thing she wanted was to be treated equally, but the challenge would remain permanent.