Stassi Schroeder announced her engagement on Thursday, to her boyfriend Beau Clark last Wednesday. Naturally, this 31-year-old star announced on social media. Schroeder also added that she felt like Meghan Markle now.

As you can imagine, her Instagram became overwhelmed with congratulations and wishes.

Brandi Redmond wrote on her Tweeter, saying that she really loved this couple. Also, she congratulated them, admitting that she was expecting this to happen and that she even asked a few months ago when this would happen.

Stassi’s co-star, Katie Maloney, admitted that she cried when she heard about the announcement. Andy Cohen also sent his congratulations and even joked that Beau proposed at the cemetery.

It is believed that Schroeder and Clark started dating earlier last year.

Schroeder’s show, “Vanderpump Rules,” follows employees of a restaurant located in West Hollywood. The owner of the restaurant is Lisa Vanderpump, a famous British actress and a model.